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MPF (fentanyl Analogue)

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MPF (fentanyl Analogue)

MPF, Fentanyl it is a new opioid, fentanyl analogue.

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MPF (fentanyl analogue) (1 gram)
MPF, Fentanyl it is a new opioid, fentanyl analogue, little less potent then original Fentanyl. a brand new research chemical.

Customer Reviews

ihr sind die besten Review by Pirmin
Danke Schnelle Lieferung macht weiter so OC. (Posted on 30/04/2019)
dosage/dosierung Review by Markies

could anyone tell me how much you have taken? 1mg ? rly? i mean its 1g for 70 bucg. cant belive 1mg is enough.

oder stefan wieviel hast du genommen? und wie hast recherchiert? (Posted on 17/09/2018)
Sehr gute Review by Stefan
Absolute Top-Qualität ich hätte gedacht dass ist bisschen schwächer ist als das normale Fentanyl aber das hier ist fast genauso stark wie das normale Fentanyl wie ich finde bitte aufpassen bei der Dosierung (Posted on 03/08/2018)
Top Review by Robert
Very strong RC !!!!!!!! (Posted on 17/07/2018)
not done yet, more research needed. But first round: it *could* be a very nice compound but more research is required Review by tyskmeister
I got a sample of this, just FYI.

I have tried it 1mg IV ----!!!!!!!!--- WARNING: no actual measurement, just with eyes, but I have a LOT 10+yrs of experience so I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! BUY A 0,000 scale PLEASE!

So I tried 1mg IV with 5ml of water to be safe.
Got a small kick but it faded after 5-10min, kinda felt like a U-47XXXX analog, definitely has some relation to it, there is absolutely NOTHING about this compound on the internet except that it is a fentanyl analog with slightly lower potency.

I am in a methadone clinic, i get 9ml of L-Polamidon a day. So that is the only reason i eyeballed that 1mg, because my tolerance is pretty high because of the methadone.

So a day later I took around 5-10mg again, eyeballed, IV..... it kicked me into "hyper withdrawal" for around 30min and thren I stated to feel OK again.

This is weird and I can't understand why I got a small kick when injecting 1mg the day before.
It could just be that when taking to much the response you get from your body is something that feels like a hyper withdrawal like when you take Suboxone or Subutex when on high doses of methadone, BUT it actually isn't what's happening.

It was just WAY to much.
5mg fentanyl is insane and I seem to be the only one that has tried it and written a review about it.

A few days alter I took about 1-2mg , just dipping a DRY finger, so I don't get more than that, and rubbed it under my upper lip on the gums. trying not to "move" it the first 15min especially.

After 30min i started feeling a nice warm opiate feeling and relaxed with a little bit of euphoria even.

Gonna try some more but I try to space out the days that I act as a test-monkey.
To make the "maybe harmful effects" of the substance as minimal as possible.

1st. SUMMARY: This is a substance that could be very nice, but more research is required. I will do more research defensively because I got quite a lot of the compound. 1g is a LOT when the dosage is around 0,5mg or less for people with 0 tolerance ;)

But I am positive for this compound, and should definitely be tested more :) I think this can be very nice :)
(Posted on 24/06/2018)

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